As long as I can remember I have planted a garden. It came naturally and I am always amazed at how one little seed can produce so much harvest whether it is bushels and bushels of tomatoes or a yard full of gorgeous flowers.

As the end of each season grows near, I ponder my accomplishments and defeats. Gardening can be hard work and since the weather has a mind of its own, it can be quite a challenge.

This past year we started bringing food donations from our church to the food pantry to help out. I began bagging up tomatoes, peppers, garlic and squash to bring along and donate. As I harvested the produce I began to feel a sense of something … a sense that I could really help those who were without fresh produce enjoy the fresh food the garden produced.

This deep inner sense of doing something that really matters … to help others … has taken over and I know I can make a difference. Even if it is small in comparison to the many people worldwide who exist in extreme poverty and hunger on a daily basis. My efforts will help and in the end help me understand what my purpose really is ….

My journey continues in my garden.

Believe in God!   Enjoy Life!   Help Others!



Be an angel .. help others

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