Beans You Say


Cannellini Dried Beans

I am busy dealing with the last of the dried bean harvest for this year. These Cannellini Beans are late bloomers and the last to dry on the vine. Some may think growing dried beans is pointless since you can buy them relatively cheap at most grocery stores. I don’t use chemicals in my garden since this would harm my bees and I don’t like chemicals in my food. Another advantage is some of the beans you can grow yourself you simply can not find in the stores such as Jacob’s Cattle and Trail of Tears – two other varieties I grew this past year. Plus, believe it or not, I actually Enjoy opening each bean pod and watching the little beans fall into the harvest bowl. I find it therapeutic; time to just zone out!!

I dedicated a large space in the garden to dried beans this past year and the harvest was plentiful. I believe I still have beans left from last year so as you can see they are a good keeper. Probably one of the only crops that I can think of right now that can be kept in the pantry for a prolonged time without any other method of preserving, i.e. canning, dehydrating, freezing.

I will be fine-tuning the varieties I grow for 2017 since I plan to bring as much as possible to the Food Pantry. Less vine growers and more bush types as well since the viners go crazy and 1 or 2 varieties is enough (they do produce tons though).

Here is what I have grown in the past – Pinto, Jacob’s Cattle, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Cannellini, Rice Pea, Black, Red, Cranberry. The secret to cooking dried beans is to soak them for hours (overnight) and keep changing the soaking water … this eliminates some of the gassiness associated with beans and it works!

Alright …. more Dried Beans in the future garden plans! They make great gifts along with your favorite recipes too!

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