Sam the Cat


Some days we really forget how precious life is. This little guy Sam the cat is my first cat ever and I am in my 50’s. Sister was allergic growing up so no cats. When we moved down to the country and started having mice problems, we had to do something. The mice actually were nesting under my car hood in the barn and chewing up wires, etc.

We thought … heck let’s get a barn cat like most country folks do and we found Sam! He is such a sweetheart and cats definitely are so different from dogs … the personality! Sam adjusted to us and the chickens and we bonded…he loved me, I loved him.

Two years later we move up North a bit and Sam is now living still out in the barn, but we have a busy street close by (at the end of our driveway). Not sure what happened “that day” but I called and called for Sam the cat worrying as each hour went by. Finally, he dropped his worn torn little body within my view as he had dragged himself to be with me after being hit by a car.

He was hurt bad, but heard me calling for so long and had to be with me.

We rushed him to the vet and after some Major surgery he was fixed. It took quite a bit of pampering and figuring out the cat personality, but neither Sam nor I EVER gave up.


Sam limps when he walks and he hates that busy street.

Both of us

Learned such a valuable lesson that day …

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