Smile It Feels Good


Have you ever noticed that when you smile your whole attitude changes? It may not be
immediate, but it happens. Try it now … put a smile on your face and notice how you
feel. Let the smile set on your face for a bit and the mood inside you changes. It seems
your thoughts turn to happy thoughts!
Recently I started noticing the look on my face as I passed a mirror and boy do I look so
serious all the time! Sometimes I even look scary and totally unapproachable.
I started deliberately putting a smile on my face, sometimes staring in the mirror at
myself smiling or other times just as I went about my daily life.
A random smile – just to smile.
On my morning walks, I actually looked at the people passing by and smiled. A quick
short smile at the grocery store or the bank – sometimes accompanied with a Hi but not
always. I was slowly realizing “the smile” was the magical symbol that seemed to lighten
my spirits and those I smiled at.
People are much more animated and lively when they smile. It seems this magical smile
attracts other smiles and if just for a moment there is connected happiness.
You will see that it really does change things and does the soul good!

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