Family Matters Dad Said


Family Does Matter

I remember growing up my Dad would always harp on us that our friends don’t matter, it’s Family that matters!!  We would shrug it off, roll our eyes behind his back and run off to spend time with our friends. I don’t know how many times he said that to us … maybe a million?

It took many, many, MANY years to finally sink in ….

Several home purchases later it dawned on me that he was Right! Over the years, we purchased 4-5 homes and all were relatively close to the family members. Usually it took 1/2 hour to 45 minutes for family gatherings or the casual visit, sometimes less, but never more.

Until we moved ……. Far away!!  

I thought I found our ideal retirement home with 18 acres, a beautiful lake, privacy, etc. etc. Everything you could ask for. I reasoned the kids and family would love to travel down to see us … all the time.  And they did, the first year or two, then they stopped.  It was a long trip …… 6 hours one way.

I loved my country home (and still do since it’s still on the market), but if I didn’t take the trip up for the holidays to be with family … it wasn’t happening.  Coming from a family of 7 – 5 kids, 2 adults … with the majority all in the same location – 6 hours away. I had to make the trip or listen to the phone calls each holiday where they passed the phone from one to the next …… wishing me Happy Happy and missing me, telling me what they were doing. Sending texts, more photos and the stories I was missing!!!

I couldn’t take it any more!  I moved back up close to them ……. 

Remarkable thing happened after we were there for 1 year … my son got engaged and we hosted his wedding at our new home (close to family) with 200 family members invited.


I think this Thanksgiving I will tell my Dad he was right.  He deserves to know that.


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