The Sweethearts I Rescued


Be An Angel – Rescue An Animal

Growing up we always had a German Shepherd pup basically because my Aunt raised and showed them and we were honored to get a puppy when needed. I love German Shepherds and to this day I think they are the Best dog ever!! As I raised a family of my own the German Shepherd was always the pick for a pet until my son developed allergies and family pets were put on hold.

Fast forward to the years where the children went off to college and to help me deal with the ole “empty nest syndrome”, I started looking at dogs again!  We started out with 2 German Shepherd pups and soon realized they were a bit more than I could handle. So Bandit found a home with my parents and Rambo developed some serious seizures that were more than scary, so he left for heaven.

The parents were not ready to give back Bandit and I didn’t have the heart to ask.  So for some reason, I started watching the website for the local Animal Rescue and I was hooked. Just knowing that these dogs didn’t have a home or the love they deserved tugged at my heart. That was 10 years ago … Augie was the first and then came Frankie and somewhere in between Billie Jo was added.


They are all still happy and thriving!! They sensed when we brought them home and still do that they were loved and are such wonderful companions. Never second guess the devotion and happiness that a rescue animal can give … there is no comparison! Really.

The story doesn’t end there. Moving down to our country home several years ago, we had mice problems particularly under the hood of my car in the barn. So we thought about a cat, but never having one since I was a dog person, I wasn’t sure. Dogs and cats are different ….. totally!!

Enter Samuel Davis ….. my best buddy in the whole world!!


Read this little story about Sammy here and trust me when I say rescue animals are so very precious!  Be an angel … check your local animal shelter if you are thinking of getting a pet. Some may take more patience and understanding, but in the end … you both will flourish.

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