Grow your own Edamame

I have grown Edamame, also known as green soybeans, for the past 2 years in my garden. The first year I had no idea what to expect and was overly thrilled when I actually harvested and tasted the beans. They were delicious! So I ordered more seeds the following year and planted away. The two types planted were Envy which I grew the first year and second year and Butterbeans only grown the second year.

I have included an excellent article from Mother Earth News regarding planting and harvesting Edamame. Find the article here Growing and harvesting Edamame.


We are in Illinois zone 5a and I did notice a huge difference in the growing patterns of these 2 types of Edamame. The Envy produced less pods but they were bigger with bigger beans. The Butterbeans grew faster with more pods on each plant but they were smaller all around. The Envy being the larger bean had a more robust nutty flavor.

Also both years I did experience a problem with the Japanese beetle …. of course, worse the second year with more plants and I am guessing overwintering in the soil. The beetle devastated the leaves (they did not touch the bean pods) and seemed to multiply like crazy as the season progressed. I was out in the garden every few hours with my bucket of warm soapy water flicking the beetles off the plants into the water. A time-consuming endeavor but at least they didn’t bite!

We enjoyed a few early harvests of the beans and then near the end of the season I gathered all and prepared for freezing. We realized about 5 lbs. total from both packages of beans.


Since the beans were already boiled up previous to freezing they only needed to boil 3-4 minutes to unfreeze.


They are very delicious and healthy for you!!

Give them a try in your garden next year …

just be ready for that pesty Japanese beetle!!


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