Stuffed Zucchini


This stuffed zucchini is simply the best new zucchini dish I have had in a while!

In the past we have steamed, sauted, baked, noodled, grilled, and added to soups and stews. For years we have been cooking with zucchini. I have seen recipes here and there suggesting the stuffed version, but never thought to try any of them!

Last evening we had stuffed mushrooms. Instead of tossing the leftover breadcrumb stuffing out, I thought let’s give the zucchini’s a stuff and see what they taste like. Well, I love them!!!


We notched out the center of the zucchini after slicing in half lengthwise. Added the stuffing – seasoned breadcrumbs, minced garlic, olive oil and a touch of butter. Of course, you can add additional ingredients to the stuffing if you desire.

Then we baked for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Removed from the oven and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and baked for 5 more minutes. Easy and absolutely delicious!!! Don’t wait years like I did to try this …….. it’s so good. You can also top with any type of red sauce for more flavor.

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