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Just A Few Amazing Bee Facts

Every time I start talking to someone about My Bees (a topic I could discuss for hours), I almost always walk away with the simple thought of how little folks actually know about the life of a honeybee. I admit when I began Beekeeping several years ago, I knew nothing. I learned a whole lot since then and it really is pretty fascinating!


Bees are beautiful creatures and the hive houses thousands of these little beings with the majority being worker female bees. This is the type that we encounter out in our daily lives Рthey forage for pollen and nectar and bring it back to the hive. There is one Queen in each hive and also many Drones who are the male honeybees.


A thriving healthy hive can have up to 50,000 bees during the summer months (they downsize over the winter) and each Spring the cycle begins again.


There are 8-10 frames like this in each box (Super or Deep) to each hive and you keep stacking them on as the need arises. The bees will designate frames for brood where the Queen lays the eggs and new bees emerge. There are also frames with just capped honey which is shown above.  The color of the honey is determined by the flower the nectar is taken from.


Usually there is a honey flow in the Spring and then again in the Fall if the weather is cooperating and rain, flowers and crops are in abundance.

Just a few fascinating facts about our beautiful little honey bee!!